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Company Overview


  • ClearCut has developed a novel, patent protected, mini-MR technology for surface imaging and for the assessment of tissue microstructure. 
  • The first application of the technology is a compact, automatic, accurate, affordable and simple to use intra-operative system for real time margin assessment of cancerous lumps removed in lumpectomies which will improve the surgical outcome and decrease re-excision rates (currently averaged 25%- 30%!) as well as the associated costs.
  • The company completed a multi-center clinical study in Israel demonstrating sensitivity and specificity of over 90%, in line with literature for in-vivo big MRI scanners.
  • Additional applications include breast cancer biopsies, margin assessment of skin cancer, prostate cancer, colorectal cancer and lung cancer tissue microstructure.

Market Potential

  • The market for ClearCut’s products is estimated at over US$2B.


The Clear-Sight system already has CE certification. FDA approval is expected in 2017.