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Company Overview


Giraffic is the enabler of next generation Internet TV broadcast technology for Online Video Publishers, Over the Top TV (OTT) Operators and Consumer Electronics Device Manufacturers. Bridging the gap between TV broadcast quality and the boundaries of Internet & mobile video, Giraffic’s patented technology has already been validated by industry leaders, enabling superior video streaming performance – 10X less re-buffering pauses, supporting next generation 4K HD and substantially smoother end-user streaming experience at a fraction of the cost.


Giraffic’s software also provides an ideal, easy to implement solution for streaming the increasing levels of HD medical video content by medical enterprises and organizations, which have libraries of thousands of web video materials, classes and seminars, thereby enabling clinicians and staff to share and learn medical information, unbound by geography, across devices and at a low cost.


Market Potential


The market potential for video-on –demand streaming acceleration is estimated to be a multi-billion dollar market globally.




The Company has achieved significant commercial traction with over 30 million users to-date.


The company has several paying customers as well as new leading customers and partners in Israel and abroad.


The company received recognition as a disruptive and innovative solution by leading Video Industry Analysts such as IDC, StreamingMedia, and Fierce IPTV.


The Company is now expanding its business development and sales efforts globally.