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Company Overview


CellRox has developed a unique solution enabling two or more separate, independent, virtual mobile devices (smartphones/tablets) to coexist on a single device, thereby eliminating the need for multiple devices, while enhancing privacy for users and security for corporations, all without jeopardizing performance or compromising user experience.

Market Potential


The company has two main products: one for the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) enterprise market, and one for the consumer market, together reaching an estimated multi-billion market potential in the US only.



To date, the Company has established strategic collaborations with first tier OEMs, mega-vendors and channel partners as well as with carriers to achieve rapid penetration across a wide range of market fronts as well as pilots with large US and other enterprise clients. 
So far, the Company’s technology has received exceptional positive client and partner feedback as well as supporting media coverage by leading  mobile opinion leaders. 


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