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Real Imaging
Real Imaging

Company Overview


Real Imaging has developed a Multi-Dimensional Infra-Red Analysis (MIRA®), patent protected technology, which performs a non-invasive, no-ionizing radiation, no-contact, high sensitivity & specificity, examinee-friendly, cost-effective procedure which is suitable for all ages and breast types.


The MIRA system determines breast health through the acquisition and analysis of a 3D metabolic signature of the breast. The results are provided automatically, objectively and are immediately available to the physician and patient.


Based on the results of a 2-year multi-center clinical trial in Israel, the system is the most effective method for breast cancer screening programs in comparison to existing modalities, particularly for women with dense breasts (i.e., mammography, ultrasonography and MRI). Mammography, which is currently considered as the “golden standard” for breast screening suffers from significant drawbacks, all of which are resolved by Real’s technology.


Market Potential


The global mammography equipment market has an install base of 35,000 systems, performing 75M mammography procedures annually, grossing $7.5B annually worldwide.




The Company has commenced additional international clinical trials in the USA geared towards obtaining regulatory (FDA) approval (CE Mark was received in May 2014) and initiating sales by or through partnerships and collaborations with strategic players in this market.