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Team Members
George Norsig
George Norsig
Industry Expert Advisor

‏Mr. Norsig serves as a special strategic advisor to the fund on matters relating to potential or actual investments opportunities for both the fund and its portfolio companies, especially as they pertain to the US market & US players. Mr. Norsig advises the fund’s General Partner on the overall strategy, investment policy and approach of the fund.
‏Mr. Norsig has decades of experience in C-level strategy consulting, investment and product management positions with world class firms such as the Monitor Group where he worked almost 10 years, including as a Senior Partner;  McKinsey & Co., where he worked almost 22 years in various management positions, including as a Senior Director; and Proctor & Gamble, where he held product management positions.
‏Mr. Norsig is also a former Co-Founder and Principal at Norsig & Associates, a private investment fund specializing in public market investments in the high-tech and healthcare sectors; and Co-founder & Executive Officer of Nukko, a C-level outsourcing platform for enterprises needing innovative solutions and people with the appropriate expertise and credentials to help them on any narrow or wide business issue.
‏He also serves as a Special Advisor, Guest Lecturer and Consultant-Executive Education at the Peter F. Drucker and Masatoshi Graduate School of Management.


Mr. Norsig holds an MBA from Wharton School of Business, Pennsylvania University and a B.S. in Business & Economics from the Monmouth University.